Vani Foxburn

Legit Halfling Rouge


Level 1 Rouge

AC 15
 HP 24
Daily: Easy Target
Encounter: Secound Chance, Torturous Strike
At Will: Riposte Strike, Piercing Strike
Dagger - for Non-combat use
Short Sword - Meele
Shurkens - Ranged
 Leather or Cloth Amour
 Standard Adventures Kit
 Climbers Kit
 Locksmithing Tools (Theives Tools)
 Other - see Bio

Four Foot, 80 lb, 19 years of age

Dark Skinned, Tight braided hair in a large bun, ends hang to shoulders. Big brown eyes

Dressed in nice clothing, only wears combat leathers when expecting to fight. Elsewise wears casual clothing @ inns and cloth amour in town.

25 piercing, small silver, in left ear. Some of the ear rinings have chairs between them. One ear ring is larger then the others and is the lowest on left ear.

3 piercings in right ear.

Pale white chocker, on neck, in a spiderweb design. Simple silver chain that is worn under clothing.

Three rings, two on left hand – pinky and thumb – one on right – index. All are simple silver or gold. Thumb ring has a leaf pattern engraved.

Basics Background – What you would know from general interaction and no probing questions.

Met Nardar @ the Lords Manner, where she was working as a maid, 
Began to do guard work when other guards left.  
Nardar helped her get work in the caravan.
Before going to the Lords Manner she worked in her parents Locksmith and Trap Disabling Store, 
called Knock. She was just beginning her tutoring in the family arts before leaving home.
Vani is a city girl.  She grew up in Metrol, now the mornlands, and spent the
rest of her time in Sharn.  She knows little about the wilderness and finds it 
Eager to start Foxburn Raiders - the papers that let her offically take stuff from monsters.

Vani Foxburn

New Begining's Belladonna