A tall and pale man in fearsome armour with hollow eyes.


Jor-El is the former commander of Cairngorm Keep.

You had dreams of him mercilessly slaying his wife, and other’s in the keep in an attempt to kill his children Kal-el and Sara Jor-el. He failed some 30 years ago.

He was married to Sara Kel-va, and good friends with Knight Telliver

He worshiped Erathis, God of Civilization

His official title was Lord-Commander and Sir Paladin of the order of Mithril Gears

He is dead

The Prophetess prophesied that his children would “destroy the world and kill all the gods if not stopped”. This is only a rough understanding of the prophecy but you know the full name. The Shadowfell Prophecies” Cantos IV


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