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Our Cast:

Vani Foxburn the Halfing Rogue, Striker, Level 1

Skaryn the Human Ranger, Striker, Level 1

Narda the Dragonborn Warlord, Leader, Level 1

Theren the Half-Elf Cleric, Leader, Level 1

Bruuk the Dragonborn Paladin, Defender, Level 1

Our Setting : Winterhaven


1 The Outergate, Iron Studied Oak

2 Wrafton Inn

3 Market Square ( in warmer weather merchants would gather here, in winter generally only the childen)

4 The Stables

5 Thair Coalstriker’s Smithery

6 Valthrune’s Tower

7 Bairwin’s Grande Shoppe

8 Warrior’s Guild

9 Apartments and Tenements

10 Temple of Avandra, tended by Sister Linora

11 Inner gate, Oak and Iron studded wood with a finely forged black iron barricade

12 The Seige Storehouse/Warehouse/Well

13 Guard Barrack’s/Mess/Training Hall

14 Lord Paidraig’s Manor House

Adventure Logs

Dreaming of Nowhere, The Kal-El Chronicals: New Beginings |The Journey|Contrivances|Note From Kalel

Skaryn’s Perspective: Through the eyes of Skaryn

Vani’s Journal: Vani’s Log 1| Vani’s Log 2 |Vani’s Log 3

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