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  • Jor-El

    Jor-El is the former commander of Cairngorm Keep. You had dreams of him mercilessly slaying his wife, and other's in the keep in an attempt to kill his children Kal-el and Sara Jor-el. He failed some 30 years ago. He was married to Sara Kel-va, …

  • Sara Kel-va

    The Mother of Kal-el and Sara Jor-El and Wife to Jor-El She was murdered by her husband about 30 years ago. She was very surprised by her daughter's gallant blond hair considering her and her husband's dark tresses.

  • Kal-el

    The Son of Jor-el. Jor-el attempted to murder his son unsuccessfully about 30 years ago. The Child if Alive would be about 37

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