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  • New Beginings

    The Caravan creaked down the king's road. The rhythmic fall of cloven hoofs and the turn or wooden axels singing a dangerously methodic tune. Even only at the foot of the Cairngorm Peaks a 10 foot fall waited on oneside of the road, followed by more steep …

  • The Journey

    The dream settles around you, a comfortable thing. It no longer surprises you that the dreams come to you when you sleep. You watch the boy Kal-el older now, the scar still livid but healed on his face. The boy must be 11 or 12 now. You stand behind his …

  • Sara Kel-va

    The Mother of Kal-el and Sara Jor-El and Wife to Jor-El She was murdered by her husband about 30 years ago. She was very surprised by her daughter's gallant blond hair considering her and her husband's dark tresses.

  • Kal-el

    The Son of Jor-el. Jor-el attempted to murder his son unsuccessfully about 30 years ago. The Child if Alive would be about 37

  • Sara Jor-el

    The Daughter of Jor-el and Sara Kel-va, named after her mother. Her father attempted to assassinate her some 30 years ago but she was unharmed in the attack. She would be about 31 now if she was alive.

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