Lord Paidraig

A short dark haired man in his mid forties


Lord Paidraig is the last remaining son of the former lord Paidraig. Technically a viscount of the Duke of Terra Nova Lord Paidraig’s family has been running Winterhaven for centuries, their noble blood being reputed to have lineages running back to the Norath or Galifarian empire ( Lord Paidraig on paper is sometimes referred to as Lord ir’Paidrag to reflect this).

Lord Paidraig has recently been having problems with Kobolds. Kobolds have been attacking caravans and travelers, the lifeblood of a remote trading town like Winterhaven. Lord Paidraig has hired you out to “solve” the kobold menace.

Lord Paidraig’s father killed himself when Paidraig was just a child, This was roughly 30 years ago. Lord Paidraig did have older brother’s but they all died in the battles that accompanied the fall of nerath many years ago.

It is widly rumoured that Lord Paidraig’s lineage has elvish blood. The Lord is past 40 yet still is as fit and vigorous as a much younger man.

Lord Paidraig has no wife.

Lord Paidraig

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