New Begining's

Vani's Log 3

Entry 131.5

Light snow, chilly
Winterhaven, Graveyard outside town

Awoken in the middle of the night by the Lord Paidraig. Some of the Town’s children were abducted and taken to the graveyard. The Raiders were called to the graveyard. This (I suspect) was in retaliation of looking into the keep. Coldstriker took Skarya, Bruuk and myself to the graveyard.

The Raven had sent up an Ram symbol which raised the dead in the graveyard. They were dispatched by Skarya and Bruuk. I finished the Raven myself. The children were saved and taken back home. The mage was called to deal with the Ram magic, but Bruuk dispelled it before she arrived.

Walked back to town. Tired, must sleep.

Undead - 12
Undead Dogs 2
Raven 1
Longbow, two quivers of arrows
38 GP
Letter from Brother

Entry 132

Sun, Wind from south
Winterhaven, Keep (get sled tomorrow!)

Further exploration of the keep is necessary to ensure the safety of the town folk. Lord Paidraig gave us six healing potions, from Sister Linora, with prodding from Skarya (He is good at getting good for service.) Sister Linora asked to make some holy water.

Six Healing Potions
30 SP given to Sister Linora for Holy Water

Explored north portion of the Keep. All monsters found and killed are listed below. Points of interest, smashing in door is not always effective, Goblins were digging out a section of the Keep?

Goblins 12
Large Goblins Hobgoblin 3
Large Vicious Dogs Drake 2
Amoured Goblin 2
Fat Goblin 1
547 GGP
2050 GSP
Leather Apron +1 Blood Cut Amour
Chest, With Key
Holy Symbol +1 Holy Symbol, changes to fit holders god

Entry 133

Slight Cloud Cover, Light Snow
Winterhaven, Keep (Borrowed Sleight and pony from Thair)

Continued with exploration of the Keep. Skayra and Bruuk came along. Others appear to be ill with a cold. Explored a smaller section today. Leave old sections alone (the monsters in these areas are vile, I had to throw away my old cloak it stank so bad, and not worth the spoils. Also likely someone has already taken everything and left ‘witty’ notes.)

Big Horned Rats Dire Ratz 14
Living Yellow Liquid Ochre Jelly 2
Living Water Blue Slime 1
157 GGP
33 SP
Chest, with healing potion
Shield Shield of Defense



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