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Vani's Journal

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Entry 130

Heavy snow by midday, cold.
Less than a Day from Winterheaven. Arrive Winterheaven mid morning.

Setteled Pay with Mr. Levienstien. 20 GP

Maybe snowed in for winter in town. Stayed at Inn. Inn Keepers – Syalvan.

Covered by Mr. Levinstien.

Met with Lord Paidrag. Raiders hired to find and stop Kolbalt ambushes for 1000gp and loot.

Crew divide to seek knowledge from Elzia, Injured Guard, Sister Linora. Mage and Ranger to be questioned when possible

Valuable Information: Old Keep off North road that appears to consist with dreams
Injured Guards Caravan was attacked on North road.  He noted a waterfall.

Set out on North Road by Midday. Aquired Snowshoes and sled from Bearworn, high markup.

Skaryn caught in trap, injured but alive. 6 Kolbalts attack. 5 killed, leader fled. 4 Goblinod GP 17 Goblinoid SP 1 Servicable Quaterstaff. Dischared.

Skaryn tracked Kolbalt leader to waterfall. 12 Kolbolts Killed (Including Leader.) 3 goblinod GP

Skaryn, Narda and I scouted the area within the waterfall, while Bruuk was care for by Theren. (Bruuk sustained frost nip? – no permanent damage.) 10 Kolbolts on Guard, 8 killed. 2 called in 7 more kolbots for back up. Bruukjoined fight, 9 Kolbolts killed. 3rd Wave presented, three heavily armoured Kolbolts and 1 Goblin (names iron tooth? guess why …) All four where killed.

1 Iron Tooth
Belt Pouch with key
Chine Shirt
Scroll - Message
Kobolt Horde: Chest (with ornate Dwarven Chainmail, MW quality, appears to assist with healing 
+1 chainmail, +1 to AC and Endurance, 1 healing surge as a minor action 1/day), 420 Goblin GP.

Unrelated Iron tooth had a note on him which spoke of the boy from wierd dreams and ram fellow, not god news I am told. Further investigation is needed. Support from Lord is being seeked.

Entery 131

Cold, Snowing lightly.  Sun in afternoon.
In Winterhaven

Meeting with various town folks to discover more about Ram, boy and support for further investigation. Major was unwilling to help, even after support from various reliable towns folk (note, in future leave out the unsavory details … people comply easier.)

Spoke with Mage - she knows something but is not reveling information, 
Ellis - not who he first appeared to be, 
Also spoke with Thaddeus, Blacksmith and Sister Linora.
Skaryn suspects the raven of mischief.  Investigation found it flew north.

Found Guide to take up to keep to insure that it was not unset by the Kolbots. Leave tomorrow, early morning.

Entery 132

Cold, Grey Skys, light snow fall.
WinterHaven - Trip to Keep

Met Guide who took us to Keep. There appeared to be an upsetting in the area. Investigation suggested that lower levels had been breeched. Search lead to surprise attack my Golblin (Crossbow hurt a lot. I am still recovering.) Skrayna and Narda came to help. Nardra found and activated a floor based trap with starved rats. (Rats can fit in skin tight amour. Shiver). Four more Goblins appeared. Rats and Goblins killed.

Due to injury and need to plan, retreated to Winterhaven for the night.



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