New Begining's

Vani's Log

Vani's Log

Entrey 129:

Clear Skys, cold, no snow.
Less then a Day From WinterHeaven.

Odd Dreams again.

Wheels damaged upon awakening. Sent to town to acquire blacksmith and wheelsmith.

Regular crew.

Ambushed by 8 Kolbots, all killed Two Scale shields – not worth taking 4 Golbinold GP 18 Golbinold SP

Arrive town. Crew separate to Smith’s and town centers. Apperence with Lord Paidrag 5th day or 6 month of 53rd years, Noon. (Connection through Skaryn with fabieous.)

Leave town with Smith’s and Appertices, six in total.

Ambushed by Kolbolts … again. Five attacked and killed. Almost harmed help. 4 Goblinoid GP 23 Gobliniod SP

Arrive at Caravan. Wheels fixed. Carvan stay where was with partol. No Disturbances.

Foxburn Raiders aquired three new members. Skyarn, Bruuk, 
Theren. Five in total with self and Nardar

Entry 130

Heavy snow by midday, cold.
Less than a Day from Winterheaven. Arrive Winterheaven mid morning.

Setteled Pay with Mr. Levienstien. 20 GP

Maybe snowed in for winter in town. Stayed at Inn. Inn Keepers – Syalvan.

Covered by Mr. Levinstien.

Met with Lord Paidrag. Raiders hired to find and stop Kolbalt ambushes for 100gp and loot.

Crew divide to seek knowledge from Elzia, Injured Guard, Sister Linora. Mage and Ranger to be questioned when possible

Valuable Information: Old Keep off North road that appears to consist with dreams
Injured Guards Caravan was attacked on North road.  He noted a waterfall.

Set out on North Road by Midday. Aquired Snowshoes and sled from Bearworn, high markup.

Skaryn caught in trap, injured but alive. 6 Kolbalts attack. 5 killed, leader fled. 4 Goblinod GP 17 Goblinoid SP 1 Servicable Quaterstaff. Dischared.

Skaryn tracked Kolbalt leader to waterfall. 12 Kolbolts Killed (Including Leader.) 3 goblinod GP





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