New Begining's

Through the eyes of Skaryn

Not only is there a hangover from hell, nightmares of some crazy lord trying to slay those he loved, but I awake not only to Leevi yelling about broken wheels but blaming it on us of all things!  Ah, so this is what "civilized" lands are all about, I should have stayed in the mountains of my homeland… but gold awaits…. if I haven't drank it all away that is… 

On the way to town… hahahaha!  I am with some strong arms.  These dragon type fellas can swing a sword (and though I don't like admitting it the one Nadar has inspired even me to some great feats in battle, and Bruok will always share a drink although his thirst for battle will get us all in trougble) , and the quiet elf has an amazing talent to bind my hurts (and though he prays to his god he is open to my talks of Crom), but it is the small one who I think can be most beneficial in a fight… (perhaps if Vanee buys me a few drinks I will sign that paper she keeps waving in my face telling me that with it I can keep what I take from those I kill, is that not my blood right to take what I have earned through blood?  I need paper for this?  These civilized people seem so backward that it pains me at times) it is always the one you least expect… but let me tell you what happened…. I am walking through the forest, let the noisy ones in the heavy armor attract the attention.  And what do I see behind a boulder right in front of me and completely oblivious?  A strange reptilian smelly creature… kobolds!  The vile creatures really can be found everywhere. As my eyes adjust I see several of them around… now this is what I call fun!  As I spin around the boulder I eviscerate the one with my battleaxe while cleaving him from shoulder to sternum with my sword… smell even worse dead… it takes moments for my comrades to come up and we make short work of them…. Crom but that was a good fight!  I find a strange obsidian figurine around ones neck, like I cary Crom in bone around my own… perhaps it has meaning, in any way I will hold onto it for a while…


After we get some locals to come back to our wagons to help with repairs, well we get to the spot of the battle and what do you know, more of the smelly bastards… this time it seems that every time we get close to them they move just out of reach, but they are no match, and with the words of the dragonbon inspiring us we destroy them, although some die at the feet of the villagers just before we chop them down like the brittle wood they are!  Only cowards would run from warriors to try to slay those who can not even defend themselves. 

Ah, the town… how I loathe these places but I have learned to hold my tongue and to pretend to enjoy the comforts… although I long for the cold air and the open sky around me we manage to find out much of the area and even manage to get "hired" on to clear the area of the kobolds.  I even share words with lord who cowers behind his walls and talks of how his men won't face this threat without naming him coward and scowndrel… but I am learning to be, how do they say… diplomatic… another strange word I don't understand…  These civilized folks pay others to do what they are to cowardly to do for themselves it seems.  But I will take the offered gold all though I would have done it for the sport and some ale and food, but when offered I take!  


A dark snow has started to fall, even in my own heavy mountains I have never seen snow this close to reaping time.  It is unnatural and in a few scant hours there is enough of the heavy snow to reach up to our waists.  There is devilry afoot in these lands, unless there is something here that I know not of, and I know much about the cold and the harsh realms where civilized men fear to walk.  But I have chosen these companions well!  They do not hide inside but are ready to venture into this unforgiving weather right by my side.  Even the little one takes it upon herself to drag along a sled of all things, although I chuckle at the thought she is braver than she looks.  And the dragonborn, the drunken one is stubborn, even I don snowshoes in this weather but he trods through un-aided and with a fierceness that would make a great bear proud.  


ah but this is embarrassing, I am walking and as I follow the fresh tracks of several of these slimy smelly creatures CRASH, a bear trap snaps around my leg and in moments from the hill the bastards are sliding down towards me in shields that they are using as sleds!  Badly wounded, seperated from my friends by moments that could be my end my adrenaline rushes and I tear the trap open.  Ignoring my own blood pouring freely to mar the once white snow with dark black looking blood, I also ignore the scratches on my hands as I draw my weapons and steel myself to bring as many of the cowardly beings down around me… I swing my blades in deadly arcs as I feel my legs weakening more but then I hear Nadar's voice and feel the warmth of Tharen's healing touch flood through me and sparing a moment to look around I see them, my companions facing off against more of the creatures… I am still not used to sensation of skin reknitting itself in instants, and the strength returning, i let loose a roar that shakes the trees as I move forward to join in the slaughter and soon there is much more dark and vile blood that reaks of waste and excrement covering the once fresh snow.  We clasp hands and then it is time to track down those that fled.


Did they think they could hide?  Ah but these creatures are too dumb to even know what they are up against… we move as swiftly as we can and the heavy snow hides our approach and muffles even the loudest of us in our approach… we see them… and what is this?????

 the vile creatures have a magic user of some kind, he stands in a circle that pulses with blue veins of magical energy…. this is the one me must strike first… we move fast, I throw my axe which lands heavily in his side as my friends all move up and then I am beside him, hacking into him with my battle axe and sword, and with the help of Bruok and vanee and nadar and tharen he falls before he can even utter a word of mystical might.  As his blood pools over the magical circle it turns to red blood and its power and malevolence can be felt… and then it is a mixture of blood and blades and death…  we fight well, although Tharen almost loses his life it were not for nadar there to rouse him!  Crom but the blood sang in my ears and I felt the rush of the battlefield as I moved through weaving a tide of death in my wake… My battleaxe cleaves the head of one as I sidestep and skewer another through, but in a rush that I did not know I had I flow into the middle of four more of the creatures and in a heartbeat only one remains standing!  I do not know if I am laughing or growling or howling like a wolf on the hunt but the world is red and I give a grudging respect to these reptilian smelly creatures for they do not retreat but all die on our blades as is befitting warriors of any race!

 We bind our wounds and look to the half frozen waterfall and wonder what danger lies beyond it…  

 What we do know is that we will face it together and at the end of the day the riddle of steel will determine who stands…. 



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