New Begining's

A Journey of a Thousand Miles

The Ascent of Kal-el

The dream settles around you, a comfortable thing. It no longer surprises you that the dreams come to you when you sleep. You watch the boy Kal-el older now, the scar still livid but healed on his face. The boy must be 11 or 12 now. You stand behind his shoulder as a carriage the carriage finally arrives. You hear a Knight behind him say “The passes are clear and the carriage has arrived, where is your sister, Kal-El?”

The grizzled old man is the new Lord of the keep, and it doesn’t sit well with him. Where your father thrived under the weight of the responsibilities here, this old fart sagged. Just doing the motions until he too, collapsed, dead and then a new lord would take over.

But never you, Kal-el, a voice whispers mockingly, silencing it Kal-el thanks the Lord of the Keep, Elias Paidraig, and the old man hesitantly embraces the lad and lets him go.

You watch the boy Kal-El leave through the old man’s eyes, the sense of loss is nearly overwhelming, not only the lord but his son too. The knowledge that he is to be the last Lord of Cairngorm Keep weights heavy on Paidrag’s shoulder’s. Better that the rift be forgotten, before anymore accidents occur…

You watch Kal-El join his sister who seems too young beside him. Sara Jor-El still appears but a wisp of a girl, untouched by what has happened, unlike her brother, and his scars. You notice the tiny mithril gear work embroidered into her dress… and the amulet that Kal-El carries, a tiny perfect mithril gear symbol of Erathis.

The carriage is loaded and finally the children, the driver flicks the reins and with a slow but steady plod the carriage jerks and then moves, until it is practically out of sight in the mountains. You see the stony look the boy gives the keep as it passes out of sight, I will return the boy thinks to himself as he takes his sisters hand and waits for what will happen next.



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