New Begining's

Like a Sheep to the Slaughter

There's a reason eh

The wagon continued lurching around the mountains, the boy Kal-El with his scar and his brooding personality sits moodily in the back, while his little sister bounces partly due to energy and partly due to the rock road before she too falls quite by his side and in mock brooding, falls asleep.

The Carriage stopped quietly, The boy looking out the window does not recognize the area and is spooked when the driver opens the door quitely and pointing to Sara Jor-el sound asleep, and gestures for the boy to come and stretch his legs.

The boy follows, the driver is one of the old guard, a Knight-Gallant turned retainer in his old age. He leads the boy to a waterfall and ancient ruins smiling at the boyish wonder on his face. Smiling until he remembers his task and drawing the shortsword at his belt swings at the boy as his back is turned. His thoughts are “Least I can do Is make it quick for him and his sister”

He Missed, the boy darts away, the fierce, dead look in his eyes again, he darts behind the stones in a circle. Grabbing for anything a weapon … a rock. He surprised the old man, Coming at him where the old man expected no resistance, Bringing the rock down between his eyes. The Driver had worn no armour , no helm. This skull was crushed in, his blood painting the boy, hitting the ground wetly as the circle pulsed into life. This place was old, ancient and the boy understood this. Two men enter the circle , One man leaves with a vision of his future. The boy saw what he had to do, to survive.

The Sister Awoke alone, scared she began to cry until the small window opened up to the driver’s seat. Where oddly enough her brother sat. Confused she accepted this, and bounced up beside him when given the chance. The boy never looked back.

He knew what he had to do.



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