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A Day in the Life

Blame Story Gamers

So imagine you’re this goblin-you have a goblin name, like grug or something-and Kal-el has assigned you and your pals to guard the entrance to the dungeon. It’s cool. You dug a big pit, and then covered the opening with carefully camouflaged floor-looking bits. Then you filled that pit with rats. Ha ha, poor adventuring saps are totally going to get it.

So yeah, it’s kind of dull, and you’re trying to be vigilant.

But dude, there’s no way you could spot a 29 sneak roll. It’s not your fault.

So next thing you know, this halfling appears out of nowhere, and she carves into you with a Shruiken. Holy crap. How can such a little Shruiken hurt you that badly? Is that your spleen on the ground there?

And then all of a sudden she trips and shoves you, or… well fuck, who knows what she did? He’s a blur of confusion. All you know is you’re somersaulting right toward her pals - four of them, uh oh - at the foot of the stairs you thought you were guarding.

At least the pit trap surprises them. As they fall into it. And get attacked by the rats.

Damn halfling rogues.



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